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Do You Look Your Age?

Microsoft has come out with a new application that will allow you to upload a picture of your choice to determine your age. The link to the site is here, and it is very simple to use! The program will estimate your age in a matter of seconds.

Although, if you plan on trying out the program, make sure you go in with the expectation that it might get your age wrong. Whether it’s by a few years, or a few decades.

I’ve put in a few photos of myself (an eighteen year old), and have gotten results in the mid to late twenties, despite knowing I look like I’m twelve in real life. Be aware of glasses, facial area or your expression that might completely throw off the program. It also has been found that it picks up faces of inanimate objects such as dolls!

Have fun with the app whether you use pictures of your own, of someone you know, or photos you find online. How well has the app worked for you? Did it hit the nail or are you amused from the results?

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  1. hada_sonadora

    I had fun uploading a photo.
    It wasn’t far off, but it made me 4 years older then I am and my friend like 10 years younger hahahahahahaahahaha

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