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Dolphins are Murderers?

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Although we may see them as cute and innocent sea creatures, there is a lot you may not know about these animals.

Dolphins are known to be highly intelligent. They have good memory and can be taught tricks. They are also able to identify themselves in a reflection, confirmed through an adaptation of the “Rouge test” that is done on infants.

Although, despite their intelligence, they also have their vices just like human beings. In order to impregnate a female, the males treat the women as prize that must be fought over. There is a high amount of aggression and blood shed throughout the process. The females are not passive as they try to get out of the situation, but are unable to do so in most circumstances considering the vitality of the males and high numbers they attack in.

There are also cases where extremely injured dolphins would wash up on shore. The reasoning behind their brutal deaths appears to be caused by other dolphins themselves. Infanticide within the community would not be surprising.

Were you aware of these facts before? Are they changing your perspective on these animals?

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