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Dove Summer Glow Lotion

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If you’re like me, you may not tan as much as you’d like to.
(Although my issue is due to spending 90% of my time indoors and wearing mostly black…)

I decided it was time to fake it a little, just enough to make me a little more tanned, but not enough to be noticeably fake!

I decided the best way to go was with a moisturizer that had a built in tan! These are usually less likely to provide you an end result as a streaky orange munchkin.

I picked Dove Summer Glow, as I personally like this brand’s products and they had a ‘fair to medium option’ whereas the other brands in my local chemist only had darker tones.

To be honest, I’m glad I went with Dove! The moisturizer itself is really nice, really moisturising, and there is a fair amount in the bottle! The colour is also nice, as after a couple of layers the colour is noticeable but not fake looking! None of my friends knew it was fake before I told them. I just looked sun-kissed — perfect!

However, as most products, there are some downfalls for this. Firstly, you have to clean or wipe your hands after applying the moisturizer otherwise you will get random, dark, streaky patches on your clothes or anything you touch which can be annoying. Secondly, it smells like fake tan, not hugely strong, but it’s certainly there and that’s not always the nicest smell. Finally, it doesn’t last massively long. You have to regularly reapply it and shaving pretty much removes it all, I find myself having to do my legs twice as often as other parts, just to keep an even colour all over. I usually use it three times a week, with my legs more like 4-5 times and I only shave my legs twice a week. If you shave daily, you might have an issue with this product actually lasting or being worthwhile for you.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really like this product. Although it has its, weaknesses, I think for the price the product is a good tanner and a great moisturizer.

Overall Score 4.4
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