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Earphones That Actually Stay In Your Ear

Photo credit: PC Magazine

Have you ever experienced annoyance of having your earbuds fall out of your ears with the slightest head turns? Maybe your ear does not seem to be compatible with the conventional earphones as the smallest movements you make result in them tumbling out. Either way, you may be interested in hearing about the new design that’s promising earbuds that actually staying in your ear!

A company in Montreal, Revols, is working on creating a set of earphones that will mould with the shape of your ears. It supposedly will take a minute to do so and might actually be a success. Apparently it stays so well that it may in fact be more difficult to take them out of your ear than keep them staying in.

The earphones are made out of a specific gel that starts to harden when it gets the signal electronically through an app. The cost will expectedly be high, saying it will officially be 299$ in stores. If a part was to malfunction, you would need to replace it with a cost from fifteen to twenty dollars.

What do you think of these earphones? Would you consider purchasing them? Or are the significantly cheaper, still functional ones enough for now?

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