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Easy Pinecone Crafts

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Item 1: Easy Pinecone Arrangement
Need a centerpiece that takes less than 5 minutes to make? Just place pinecones in a large bowl and place a hurricane vase holding a candle in the middle.

Item 2: Glittery and Snow Pinecones
Turn the pinecones upside down and paint the tips with glue (Elmer glue or any tacky glue) and sprinkle any color glitter on them. Wait for them to dry. Shake off the excess and you have a glamorous table decoration.

Item 3: Faux frost tipped pinecone wreath
You will need about 35 small pine cones which you are going to paint either white or put on snow paint on the tips only. Let dry. On a vine wreath, start gluing around the wreath leaving a place where you want your bow to be. This will give your door a wintery touch! For the wreath, you will need an 18″ grapevine, hot glue, ribbon, and floral wire (to be used to create a loop for hanging).

Final thoughts: I love working with pinecones!! You can make so many things with them and they are free if you have a tree that provides them. You can also purchase them in craft shops inexpensively. What have you created with them? Care to share below?

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