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Echo has been on the mouths and minds of a lot of people lately. We all love asking questions and getting back answers, with no delays. Well Alexa, is now the go to voice for many individuals who owns one or plans on doing so.

However, for others, they are not using it to its full potential. For example, my brother-in-law. He got an Echo and an Echo Dot for his son, and had no idea that it could be used to control the lights, call your phone, and a few other things. As for me, I do not own one… at least not yet. My girls loved talking to Alexa, they found it amazing. Even more, they now want one in the house. Hmm. I wonder how that would work out. Having two Alexas. Who do you think would answer me first?

Most of what I have heard of Echo was positive, from the media to colleagues, back at one of the Amazon warehouses I work at. But for me to purchase one it would have to have something that would make me want to use it every single day, something to make stand a bit more in comparison to other devices. Maybe there is a feature I haven’t been aware of, and that would be the one thing that would finally change my mind. But as of now, maybe an Echo dot for the kids? Let’s see.
I do wonder how many of you Divas use gadgets like this on your daily life!

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