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Ed Sheeran Steps Away From Social Media

Ed Sheeran has announced via Instagram that he is quitting social media for a while. His reasoning behind this is actually very honourable and quite inspiring in itself.

He says that he wants to stop “seeing the world through a screen.” In addition to his social media pages, he is also putting away his phone. He finds that although he has these opportunities to explore and discover the world around him, he is constantly doing it through a device, rather than for himself.

He thinks this is a good way to take the time off as he has finished his world tour following his album, “X.”

Technology itself can be very time-consuming in the way that it takes all of our attention. We are so drawn to these little screens we have that we carry around us, that we fail to stop and look at what’s in front of us, or the people around us.

What do you think about his decision? And his reasoning behind it? Would you ever consider doing something like this, even if it was for a week?

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