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It is once again Prom season on Diva Chix, and plenty of activities were planned for the delight of our faithful members.

On the the main site we all got a kick start with the voting games with lots of prizes up for grabs. And no, you haven’t missed out on it yet since is only schedule to end at the end of this month. There is plenty of time for you to try to get some of those amazing prizes! We also had the cash only auction hosted by our site owner, Angie, filled with beautiful and enchanting bundles created by the Design team.

Meanwhile, on the forums, we have many activities happening, starting from the beginning of this month such a “Prom Queen 2016!”, “Create A Prom Dress”, “Design a Pulse Cover!”, Prom Table activities and “You Know You Like Me” which has now ended. But, be aware as not all the activities have ended yet, so check out the subforum Diva Chix Prom 2016 to see what’s in store for all of us.

Hope you all have been enjoying all of Diva Chix’s Enchanting Prom activities set up for all the members by staff. Let’s us know below what you think about it so far!

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  1. freckles1561

    I had a great time voting , It’s the only way that I can get coins & moolah . I am I not in a guild ( I don’t have the time for the kind of commitment that would be needed) & I can’t use real money . But I love this site it lets me escape after a long day. I love fashion styling. And I get to do more with the great prizes awarded during these kind of events . You should do more of them . It’s obvious that a lot of other members feel the same way . The voting and member involvement during these times are very high. The prizes awarded are great incentives. Here’s hoping for more events, more often . A true member & supporter of DIVA CHIX❤️

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