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Last month the 2nd season of Extant started, and there I was ready to watch it. Well, to be truthful I’ve been ready since the first season ended. And for those of you who never heard of this show, Extant is a science fiction television drama series starting the well known Academy Award winner Hallie Berry, as the main character. The script for this series is by a newcomer, Mickey Fisher, and a co-production of CBS Television Studios and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television.

The series evolves around Molly Woods, played by Hallie Berry, an astronaut and scientist, who spends 13 months aboard a space station called Seraphim, on a solo mission. After returning to earth she is baffled with the news of her pregnancy, which is impossible, since she was alone in space, and also for the fact that she is unable to conceive. She starts searching for answers of what happened to her during the space assignment, and eventually lets her husband, John Woods, into her secret.

The character of Molly’s husband, Dr. John Woods, is played by actor Goran Visnjic, best known for his role as Luka Kovac on the popular TV series ER. He plays a robotics engineer who heads the Humanichs Project, and also the creator of the prototype android which they refer to as a “humanich”.

The android goes by the name of Ethan Woods who is also Molly and John Wood’s son. Playing for this role is the 10 year old actor Pierce Gagnon who is not stranger to this industry, having played roles in Looper, Tomorrowland and One Tree Hill.

We also have actress Grace Gummer in the role of, Julie Gelineau, John Woods’ assistant on the Humanichs Project alongside with the Chief Coder “Charlie” played by Tyler Hilton.

From the many other roles we have Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael O’Neill, Camrym Manheim, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and many others which you’ll come to see throughout the episodes.

The first season is a bit slow paced and most of the science-fiction you get is mainly the technologically advanced gadgets we see them using and Molly’s son. The android and the half human half alien who have been trying to find a way to help the others of his kind enter Earth. More on the plot is carry out to the second season, which is going on its 9th episode as of this moment.

Overall, this show is worth checking out. A very decent series which may end being of your liking. For those of you already acquainted with Extant, let me know what do you think of it, below, on the comments section. And for the rest wondering how they can have access to this show, they are available on the CBS channel and also on Hulu on the next day after it’s broadcast, and on Amazon Instant video four days after. Now, for our members in Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand, who don’t know, the series has been broadcasting there, since 2014.

Final Thoughts

The ideas behind the show is nothing new, but it's definitely well worth watching, and the special effects are of great quality.

Overall Score 4.1
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