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Eye Candy

If you’re racking your head for why the title seems so familiar, it is probably because MTV has come out with the TV adaptation of Eye Candy written by R. L. Stine.

You are probably familiar with the Goosebumps series by the same author while growing up and probably read many of his hundreds of novels! Aside from his children’s novels, he also wrote many novels targeted towards an adult audience. Eye Candy is also among one of these novels.

The story takes place around the main character, Lindy Sampson. She’s a tall, blonde, beautiful female who attracts the attention of everyone around her. However, frustrated with the male population she experiences in her real life, her friends sign her up with an online profile.

Through the site, she meets many of her future dates — and her stalker. One of the guys Lindy has dated becomes a total nightmare, forcing her to say YES to the guy’s proposed dates in fear that she or someone she cares about will get hurt.

You might feel inclined to as well if you were in her position. Have I mentioned that the stalker has also killed numerous women in very gruesome ways?

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Who is the killer? Is it as predictable as you would think? Possibly, if you tend to think even the unpredictable endings are predictable such as myself. However, the goosebumps are definitely apparent as you get through this creepy read. Enjoy it!

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  1. amethyst_eyes

    I never watch MTV anymore but saw and watched the entire season of Eye Candy, it was really good. Didn’t know it had started as a book but sounds like they changed it for tv.

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