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Facial Recognition and Facebook

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The newest updates that are to be added to Facebook are regarding its facial recognition software. At the moment, users are able to get notified when they are tagged in a photo. Facebook can also recognize faces in a photo to be able to allow you to tag each one. The next step is now for Facebook to tell you when your face has been uploaded onto the website in any photo, whether you have been personally tagged in it or not.

The goal is to ensure that people are feeling secure enough to be able to know when their photograph is posted. However, many are concerned that this invades their privacy by being able to collect further data from their members.

In addition, this feature will not be applicable internationally, as Canada and the European Union will not allow for this feature because of privacy reasons.

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How do you feel about this? Uncomfortable or even more safe that your personal photographs will be made known to you whenever posted?

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