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Feb Featured Guild!

Who are we, you ask? We are The Victorious Vixens! Established October 14, 2011, by the lovely owner, BlackPawz. Teamwork makes the dream work? We make sure of that. Victorious Vixens is not just a guild because we all have established true friendships and a strong sisterhood. It’s not always about winning in our guild. We make sure each sister of the guild is having fun while achieving our goals. Each and every sister that have been and are still a part of our guild has a positive, warming experience. If you are a hugger, we love hugs! If you’re a big voter, we love voters! If you’re a big battler, we love battling! If you’re hot, we love being hot! If you’ve got style, we love style! If you’re friendly, well, you know our motto – “We are friends you just haven’t met yet.”

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