February’s Lovely Shoutouts!

I would like to give thanks to fox, lunariannua, ravenstarz, firstlady113, and teolaessa for all the exclusives that they have made for my guild and I lately! I cannot thank you all enough! I love you and I love all of my friends too! HUGS to all! ~~Anne-Marie~~

I love all my Guild Sisters from Fun N Fab Guild! They work hard and play hard lol. HUGS! ~~Anne-Marie~~

A shout out to angellscott2003 She is always so cheerful. Likes to make people smile. You are awesome. ~~candy_cane~~

Jenna you are fantastic friend helped me so much when I first joined. I am now addicted. Thank you for your help and all with my shop.
Carlie: You are one heck of a nice person. Your are an awesome guild leader and I am so happy I joined your guild. Thank you for all the things you make when I request. Hugs
Michelle: You are a good friend to me. Always helping, giving me advice on clothes and you are so generous Thank you Hugs
Alexandra: My coffee buddy..well you make me laugh and I can always talk to you. Thanks for your advice on the shop on tags. Hugs
Lily and Mary Thank you for everything you make for me. You guys are awesome Hugs to you both
There are so many I would like to thank Next time Chris (Candy_Cane)
To all on Diva Chics Thank you for making me feel welcome. ~~candy_cane~~
I have another shout out to all London Beach you are the greatest. Best team work around. Love you all Christine (candy-cane)

Thanks and much love to all the Diva Chic’s who have helped me out or gifted me beautiful things. ~~Sterlingchic~~

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