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Fidget Spinners

All the kids in my family have been making a big fuss over this little toy called Fidget Spinners. I really didn’t get the hype. After all, it’s just another new toy to add to the toy chest of once loved but now abandoned trinkets.

Then, I suddenly hear how it’s good if you have ADD or anxiety. Okay, now it started to apply to me: a toy that mommy could play with as well. I read the comments of customers who have purchased fidget spinners and the toy started to look more promising. Normally I’m very skeptical of people who give five stars, especially when many are paid reviews. However, this one lady claimed this toy kept her from biting her nails sold me!

I have it a try but it hasn’t helped me like the nail bitter, and it has absolutely nothing on my ADD. And the kids, well, they stopped playing with it in a matter of a week. It’s very entertaining – I give it that but, with my experience with the fidget spinner, I can say that like many other toys, it’s more of a procrastination tool than anything else.

Have any of you come across the fidget spinners? What is your opinion about this new gadget?

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