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Fierce Foil Eyeliner by Milani

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I was browsing through Rexall and got extremely excited when I stumbled upon a brand I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing in stores but heard of on the internet…Milani!

I recognized this brand as providing quality prices for relatively low prices! After looking through everything they had and considering what I should get (I have such a large collection of makeup I really had to think about what I would use regularly), and thought I would try these foil liners.

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Other than the fact that I’ve never tried a foil eyeliner before, they just looked so pretty! I chose Black Gold, but they also are available in Purple, Brown and Navy. It also comes with a really nice brush that you can use easily with the liner.


As you can see in the picture, it’s a black with many gold glitters throughout. It’s also not just an overspray, as the glitters are through the entire product.

They are not quite a cream, but not quite a powder either – it’s somewhere in between. It’s easy to apply but I find that it’s really difficult to make a wing with. It also appears to fade throughout the day and I find myself having to reapply.

However, the concept is pretty cool and I do like how easy it is to put on! The colours are also all super beautiful… I need to get my hands on the purple! There’s a good amount of product in here that will also last you a while. I also have to warn you that the black I have is not super black, it’s pretty soft so if you don’t mind that, go for it!

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I am really glad I am trying it out! Although it doesn’t last all day, I don’t mind that for the price point and how nicely it goes on. I am looking forward to trying the other shades!

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