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Finding Audrey

“Finding Audrey” is a novel written by Sophie Kinsella, the author’s first Young Adult book.
Be aware that there are spoilers in this review!

I was drawn to it by not only the cute cover, but by the fact that there were already hundreds of people who were waiting to read this book. It took me a while to get a hold of the book, but I found I finished it in a matter of a few days.

The title character, Audrey, is a teen who is experiencing a more severe form of anxiety. She has not been going to public school due to a specific incident that happened in school that triggered the anxiety. As seen on the cover, she rarely takes off of her dark glasses. The story follows Audrey as she tries to work with her anxiety disorder. Once she meets Linus, her brother’s friend, it appears as if she experiences significant improvement with her new companion.

I was very cautious about reading this book, as I did not want to see the love interest of the title character somehow “saving” her from her anxiety. With individuals who do experience social anxiety and general anxiety disorder, this is not usually the case. Overall, I found reading this book quite uncomfortable (maybe that’s why I wanted to finish it as soon as possible!) Primarily, because of the character’s mother. I hear about wound up and overprotective mothers, but this was a whole other level. I can see how she was meant to be the comedic aspect of the book, but combined with a disorder that can really impact your daily life in such a distressing way, it was more annoying than funny. She is an intense over-reactor. It was too much of an exaggeration, paired with the father who does not pay attention to anything and appears scared of the mother and willingly goes along with whatever she believes.

There was a happy ending in the end of course, with the girl ending up with the boy, and lowering the intensity of her anxiety as well. Have you read this book or considered doing so? What did you think?

Final Thoughts

Not a fan of pairing romance and mental illness, particularly for a book that is aimed at young adults. Writing is easy and nice to read, but the plot was not my favourite.

Overall Score 2.9
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