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Flip Flop Summer Wreath


A new popular summer idea is to make a flip flop wreath! There are so many ways that you can make them and your creativity will be endless.

If you have a Family Dollar store near you or any other dollar store, then you can buy all your accessories for less than $10.00 per wreath. A great deal!!

4 pairs of flip flops
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Wooden letters, stencil, stickers
Flat piece of wood or card board
Accessories (such as silk flowers, butterflies, bows etc.)
Jute or ribbon

You will need to buy 4 pairs of flip flops in bright colors or any colors that you like. You will only be using 7 flip flops as you need to spell out the word WELCOME.

You will need a glue gun, glue sticks, decorative supplies, wooden letters or letter stickers or free hand designs, jute or ribbon, a piece of flat wood or cut out cardboard.

The first thing you will do is layout the flip flops to position them as you want them to be. Then, you can start adding the letters so that each flip flop will have a letter on them. Once that is dry, you are going to overlap the flip flops as you go under and over as seen in the picture above and glue them together. Once they are all dry, you can then embellish them any way that you want. Now you can show us your creative side.

Once all this is dry, you will glue on the back the wooden flat piece or the cutout piece of cardboard. This will make the wreath more sturdy as the flip flopsdo have some weight to them. Your final task is simple, just tie a jute or ribbon on the back of the flip flop on the third one in, from both sides, around the little round thingy that holds the toe holder in the back. Once that is completed, just add a dab of glue to secure the ribbon. When this is completed and dry, you may now hang up your wreath on your door!

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