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Flower Topiary

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. 1 foam ball of a diameter of your choosing
. Flowers of your choosing
. 1 stick of your chosen length
. 1 flower pot
. Flower foam
. Crafting moss
. Glue gun
. Newspapers or an old magazine
. Spray paint (only if foam ball is a different color from the flowers)

Step 1. Paint the foam ball if needed and let it dry.
Step 2. Grab the flowers.
Step 3. One at a time, put hot glue on the tip of the flowers and poke it onto the foam.
Step 4. Once you are done gluing each flower, insert the stick into the ball.
Step 5. Grab the flower foam ball and cut it to fit in the pot if necessary.
Step 6. Start gluing it in the pot around the stick.
Step 7. Use the newspaper to fill in the gaps, and use the hot glue to secure them.
Step 8. Finally, grab the crafting moss and glue it on top of the foam and newspaper.
Step 9. You’re done.

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