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Geek Girl by Holly Smale

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Harriet is seen as a geek. She knows many random facts, has no idea how to talk to a boy and has only one friend, Nat, who is also her best friend. She’s tired of feeling different, until a modeling agency decides that Harriet is perfect for the new campaign of a famous brand and the life of the girl changes completely.

For me, Geek Girl was like a film session in the afternoon. The plot was cliché and the ending was fairly predictable, but the book sends a strong message about acceptance and I was laughing out loud with the comments of the protagonist! Perhaps it’s not the most profound book, but it’s definitely fun and I haven’t found such a funny protagonist for a long time.

Harriet definitely has problems. Her self-esteem is low and she is not a very sociable person. Besides that, she is very clumsy and tends to hide under a table. However, the girl won me over with her soft and inexperienced personality. It was clear that even when she was doing something wrong, Harriet had good intentions and was just a teenager trying to fit in. While she did this, her internal monologues were hilarious. I just hope she can grow up and be safer because her self-deprecating comments left me a little depressed.

The father of the protagonist seemed to be more immature than her. He really reminded me of a teenager as well, but he was also pretty cute. The most interesting character for me was Nat, Harriet’s best friend who was complex, self-assured, and very loyal.

Many characters were clichés, like Alexa, the “mean girl” who tormented the protagonist for no apparent reason. Also, I couldn’t like Nick, the boy for whom Harriet seemed to have a crush on. The author tried to give him a cute character, but for me, Nick just seemed arrogant and too enigmatic.

Final Thoughts

The book does not have the most original plot in the world, but it made me laugh a lot and it got me hooked. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something light and funny. It is a great contemporary novel for teens, especially because the plot focuses on the journey of protagonist and not on novels, etc.

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