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Get your lips to look bigger!

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Every woman wants fuller lips, it’s not a secret right?

But how can we make it still look real without doing some kind of surgery (ouch) or anything that costs you lots of money? Well, read on!

1. You need to exfoliate your lips by using lip-gloss and a toothbrush to scrub your lips.
2. Use foundation to cover up you lips, so the colour can stay longer and make your lips look a little bit fuller.
3. Be friends with lip liner and use it to create the shape of your lips and outline.
4. Use a lip brush to put your lipstick on and start on the cupid’s bow before doing the rest. After that, you can double up on the color on your lips by using the lipstick straight from its own tube.
5. You can also wear highlighter above your cupid’s bow and voila! Your lips look bigger!

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I do try to follow these steps myself. Sometimes on a busy day or on a day where I don't want to take much effort putting makeup on my face, it will feel like too much. However, if you have more time in the morning, this is highly recommended!

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