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Give a F**k

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The title is the one thing that got me at first other than the green, eye-catching cover. Who’s never bought a book because
their cover looks nice? Hehe!
Not me!

Firstly, this book is written by Felicity Morse, in which she said she wrote this book based on her experience, being down, and
realizing that life is a series of giving a f**k about everything.

In this book we get a self journey from our relationship with own self to our relationship with anything else. The book is enjoyable, and the writer is clever enough to always find an example for the case in which she talked about.

For a self book, this is not hard to read. It also helps me realise that we as humans are alike. The way we think and how we sometimes need other people to remind us about things we need to or not to do.

Final Thoughts

Get this book for your holiday read!

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