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For the first time ever, a Beautiful Beach Bonanza contest was hosted by the Community team.

What is Beautiful Beach Bonanza?
Beautiful Beach Bonanza is a team competition that lasts the month of September. The goal of Beautiful Beach Bonanza is to finish as many group tasks as you can so your team can win points. Each task earns points for your team, and the team with the most points at the end wins the competition!
When each task is completed, your team will also be awarded a choice of sandcastle building components. The first team to complete all their tasks and build their sandcastle wins an extra 300 points. All other teams will be awarded 100 points when they complete all their tasks and sandcastle.
The sandcastle voted “BEST” by the Community Team wins an extra 250 points!

How does building the sandcastle work?
Each team will have their own sandcastle building thread. This thread is used to discuss which part your team wants to choose. The first post will be updated with what your current sandcastle looks like. It is up to you and your team to build a unique sandcastle.

How can you join the fun?
Sign-ups were held prior to the contest beginning. The deadline to sign up is now closed and the players were put in two teams. Each team had to choose a name for their team, but of course it had to have the word Beach in it. After all, we are participating in a Beautiful Beach Bonanza.

The teams decided that their names would be “Beachacha” and “Beacharoos”.

Want more information about Beautiful Beach Bonanza? Check it out here.

So did you also participate in Beautiful Beach Bonanza this year? Were you a Beachacha or a Beacharoos? What was your favorite task? Would you participate again next time? Comment right down below!

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