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Golden Girls Guild

Golden Girls Guild has been around for over four years, and during that time, we’ve enjoyed tremendous success in building a strong, caring membership that is loyal and true!

Our members span all ages … from teens through retirement age … and a variety of nationalities, but it is our similarities that make us strong. Our members are stylish, creative, imaginative, friendly, talented, cheerful, helpful, and generous! They contribute to the overall quality of Diva Chix through involvement in all areas, and enjoy regular success in all of their endeavors.

We consider our guild to have a laid-back approach to this game, recognizing that real-life will always take precedence over playing here. Therefore, we don’t pressure our members to participate in a certain number of tasks or activities …. knowing that, because we all love this game so much, they will participate and contribute to the guild as they are able.

Most of all, our members are dependable. Some may come and go, but we maintain a strong core that has been part of building our success, and many who leave come back. We think that says a lot about our guild. We are a Diva Chix created family that enjoys our environment of fun and relaxation, while being supportive and caring of one another. We hold hands during sad or bad times, and we joyfully celebrate all the good times we have here on Diva Chix and in real life!!

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