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Goodbye Siri, Hello Viv

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The programme that promises to be the next generation of artificial intelligence on smartphones, Viv, was presented Monday, May 9th, in New York with a demonstration
of its capabilities.

It was created by Dag Kittlaus, co-creator of Siri, and it’s supposed to be more complete than the available digital assistant.

Besides creating an interaction platform with the user and phone services, Viv has the ability to connect to more platforms than Siri. Through connecting to these third party services, it is enlarging the “network” of information sources available when you ask something on it.

Another feature of this software that separates the new system from the previous one is the existence of a platform for programmers that will allow for the expansion of Viv, with the help of those who want to share their skills.

Are you looking forward to using Viv? Or are you going to cling on to Siri?

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