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Guess DCs Two-Timing Member and Win?

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October’s really when it starts feeling like fall. Not just because of the increasingly cold weather, but with the reminder of Halloween just around the corner. As you can probably guess, I’m definitely more into the treats than the tricks. I mean, if you think about it, this is all just one big trick!

Maybe I’ll make this fun for you all. Now that we’ve determined it is someone devilish on the Forum team who’s behind all this, how about we have a little game? Post below who exactly on the Forum team you think I am and if you’re right… maybe you’ll get a gift ordered by moi? Now that I have access to the admin tools here, that should not be a problem. A fun little package of moolah, coins and experience points. That sounds good to you right? I mean I’d rather have a million dollars than moolah but whatever.

Gossip Corner – The Common Room > !?!?!?!?!?!

Today at 8:08 PM – Posted by carrie07
Hello, fools!

Time for a fun game! In the spirit of Halloween and all things evil, here is a chance for you to win some useless moolah and coins!

Post in the comments of the Pulse article exactly who on the Forum team you think I am, and maybe you’ll just be right.

Let’s take a look at the team, shall we? This might not be as easy as you think.

stargazer: Yes, the queen of the team. As a Senior Forum administrator, Sylvie really has quite a bit of power. Does she let it go to her head? Potentially. She takes great pride in her team and cares for them all very much.

EverDream: Becky has definitely been on staff for a while. What determination! She is also recognized for starting this My Little Pony madness on the team that has almost completely taken over them. Is this a good thing? Still under question.

_xkilltonight: Mini is one of my personal favourites. She is smart, incredible and just hilarious. I constantly look up to her and strive to gain her love. What’s not to like? Although, I sometimes get the feeling like there’s just something not right about her.

Melissax: Melissa or as the Forum team affectionally calls her, Aimless, likes to devote her spare time to this site. Although recently, she has been having an unsual amount of difficulty navigating the mainsite. Has the frustration driven to the need to seek revenge?

ayojasmine: The newbie of the team! You may or may not know, but she is the very own daughter of mollym on Diva Chix. Has a squabble in real life driven to Jasmine taking away Molly’s staff tools? Maybe?!

Focus: Nicole, the all-things-artistic genius. Witty and sardonic, she likes to take down anyone in her way one by one. Is she sick of not being bowed down to enough?

hotmess: Hannah is also relatively new to the team. Maybe now that she has finally found her true staff calling she’s ready to get rid of the other teams?

smilingeyes: Stacey probably appears to be one of the sweetest users ever. However, we all know how appearances can be deceptive…

strobelightss: Steph is a graphical genius who constantly produces A+ quality things for her customers in her shop. What’s the next title to claim after Graphic Guru? Site owner?!

ultraviolet: Chloe is also a sweetie who takes her obsession over chicken and Rita Ora a little too seriously. Did someone on the site make a rude remark towards her passions?

vasordiel: Eneritz is very patient and understanding towards others. She always has good advice to give and is willing to listen to you. Could it be that she is finally fed up with dealing with others and is now on a expedition to get what she wants?

So? Who do you think I am?

Please note these descriptions may or may not be true and based on biased opinions. Thank you. 😉

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  1. Melissax

    I think we all know Becky (Nightmare Moon) has a dark side. It would not surprise me if she went back to her old evil ways. Sylvie can also get very drunk with power.
    And they both recently have been talking very seriously about how to get away with murder. Something is not right with them.

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