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Let’s take a visit to the guild area to see what’s going on! There have been a few ranks changes, competitions and even a new guild!

Guild War XIV has recently finished and the theme was All Mall Halloween Queen! Participating members who entered had to take part in 3-way battles against each other and the person with the lowest amount of votes was eliminated.

Prizes were awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winning Divas! After intense battling, the winner is… AuntyPat! Congratulations! AuntyPat is in the guild ~* Serenity Angels *~. I am sure they are thrilled with her win. Second place went to Jesus-Loves-You from Little Darlings Guild and third place went to Cutensassy124 from Divanairs Guild. Congratulations to you all! Your winning Divas are pictured below:




Now, let’s talk about rank changes! Little Darlings has moved from rank 4 to rank 3, which is an excellent achievement for a top guild. Little Darlings was created on March 3, 2011 and currently has 29 members and a whopping 63 trophies! Let’s all say a big congratulations to the guild owner, Liannefaye64, and to all members for the rank increase!

A massive well done to Rising Stars who went from rank 23 to rank 21. A change of two ranks is excellent, congratulations!

The Fallen Eternity. have also improved a rank. Well done!

Since our last issue, a new guild has been created. Devious Divaz was created on 24th October with the guild owner Aphrodeity. Congratulations on your new guild, we wish you the best of luck!

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