Guild News for August

Once again, congratulations to the Victorious Vixens guild for being Guild of the Month and to The Divanairs guild for being Featured Guild of the Month.

It’s another season of Survivor.

The first day of Survivor will start on the 31st of July and it will run for 3 weeks.

The participants for this season are:

alida from Victorious Vixens
tattoo from Amazing Beauties
kimmers49 from Glamour queens
anne-marie from DUC Fab
jacroc1999 from Devoted Stars
Fragilebeauty from Bela and Mode

Want to know how to play Survivor? Simply click here.

Wishing all the participants the best of luck!

Are you participating in this season of Survivor? Have you ever participated in Survivor? Comment right down below.

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The DUC Fab guild is hosting a “Girls Trip” contest.

All you have to do is find up to four Diva Chix friends and then decide where you are going for the trip.

After you have decided, just mention where you and your friends are going, dress up for the trip, and describe what kind of activities you and your friends will be doing.

Want more information about this fun contest by DUC Fab? Simply click here.

So, did you take a trip with your Diva Chix friends? What did you think? Comment right down below.

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