Guild News

Guild News

Browsing in the guild areas, things seem to be a little quiet at the moment! There are currently no competitions taking place; are we all too overwhelmed with the other wonderful changes to Diva Chix lately that we haven’t had time? If you are shortly running an event, let me know!

A big congratulations to last seasons GOC winners:

  • blonderose – Golden Girls
  • whats_her_name – Eternal Lite
  • ladyinpink – Dress up Challengers

The points were incredibly close; there is a lot of competition! Entering GOC is always an excellent idea as not only can you win prizes for yourself, but prizes for your guild too. If you have a suggestion for a theme, feel free to enter them here

Blasting Roars is the newest guild to hit our directory. Lets all give them a warm welcome! The owner is brysgirl5611 with alexia913 as guild overseer. Congratulations!

Dress up Challengers are still ranked number 1, however points are getting close. Eternal Light are ranked 3rd and London Beach are ranked 4th, however upon writing, there are just 89,000 points between them and with a lot of hard team work, they may have a chance of overtaking!

The Guild of the Month for July went to Victorious Vixens! Well done! But who will win the title for August?

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