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Guild Survivor XXIV

At the beginning of this month, Guild Survivor XXIV had officially begun! there were 10 participants from a range of guilds who are participating.

As these girls battle it out, members have an option to help them out by sending requests. So, when you get the time, help your sisters and brothers out!

In addition, there are also helpful themes of suggestions per week when dressing up their dolls.

If you need a refresher, here is the basic groundwork:
– There are four rounds ranging from 6-7 days of duration.
– Scores will depending on how many Guild battles are completed, GOCs completed, contests entered, and parties attended.

Considering how the scores work, it is critical for the participants to be active members while they make sure they’re involved in as many battles as possible, dressing their dolls up and entering as many GOCs they can, and having fun by entering contests and parties on the forums!

Good luck to all of the participants!

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