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Guild War XX: Enchanted Evening

As it is Prom season, the Guild team is hosting Guild War XX: Enchanted Evening!

Aside from the theme of Prom, guild members are free to use their own interpretation to dress their dolls and battle it out! By the time this article is released, entries have ceased and the voting has begun.

If you are not familiar with Guild War, it is where members enter to represent their guild and battle with other users in three-way battles. Each day, the user with the lowest score from the battle will be eliminated as the others continue on battling. Everyone can participate by voting as well, earning small prizes like regular voting does. It also gives you the opportunity to look at the gorgeous outfits!

The prizes are plentiful, as not only are there amazing top three prizes, but additional prizes for both your guild and you if you are able to go onto the next round.

Did you enter? Was it your first time? How did you do? Check out the forum thread here and the main site page for Guild War here!

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  1. PurpleRose22

    I am always so happy when it is guild war time! The entries are Surfside, and I was able to make it further this time than any other I entered, so that was exciting 🙂

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