Do It Yourself

Hair Bow And Sock Buns From Old Tights

Many of us have some clothes around the house that no longer fit us, ready to be given away. But lots of them, sometimes, can be salvaged. All they may need is some face lift and time to get transformed into something totally new.

In my case I have lots of these clothes around the house, courtesy of my lovely daughters who do not seize to amaze me on how long it takes them to ruin a brand new garment.

For this tutorial I used a piece of fabric cut out from the leg of some of my kids’ damaged tights.


For The Hair Bow:
. Tights or Fabric
. Hair Clip or Elastic
. Ribbon
. Needle
. Thread
. Glue
. Scissors

For The Sock Bun:
. Tights or Socks
. Scissors


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