Halloween Shoutouts

Thank you to Tina for working hard doing shoutouts for Pulse

Thank you to the design team for designing the Halloween bundles. Once again you did awesome-candy_cane

A shoutout to my guild family you guys are all special to me. I would also like to give a shoutout to all the designers this month who gave freebies as well as those who made such great costumes. Thank you, I appreciate you all very much- sl2011

I would like to shout out to the Battling Bombshells! You guys are so amazing!! I am beyond proud to be a member, alongside you unbelievable divas! We may be the new kids on the block, but we certainly aren’t acting like it!! GOTM for our first 2 months as a guild, racking up some shiny trophies for our page, and working together to get these tasks done, all while getting to know each other and become friends in our forums! I’m beside myself about how well we’re doing as a team and how accomplished and kind and ambitious our ladies are in their every day lives as well!! Thank you guys for everything you do and just know that you’re all such beautiful souls. ❤️❤️ Jenna

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  1. jennamazingg

    Go Bombshells!!!
    & I agree with Chris on how the design team did SOOOOO great with all of these super unique Halloween bundles! I wish bundles were this couture all year!!! Bravo to Aimee for just going absolutely above and beyond with all of hers, how many she made, etc. !!! That’s all I’m wearing & all I’m seeing out there! (Aimee Bundles), so hats off to you girl!! 😉

  2. hada_sonadora

    Thank you so much for the shoutout candy_cane. I really appreciate it. You’re most welcome happy to do it.

    And to my guild sister sl2011 thank you also for the shoutout I really appreciate it.

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