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Halloween Spiderweb Nails

What you’ll need:

  • Black nail polish
  • Clear top coat
  • White nail polish
  • Line nail art brush (or another tool to make thin lines such as a paper clip, bobby pin or toothpick)


  1. First draw a diagonal line from one corner of the nail to the other.
  2. Secondly, do the same as step one in the two sections creating a fan like look with the lines.
  3. Thirdly, add curved lines between the diagonal ones to make a spider web effect.
  4. Finally, cover with a clear nail polish topcoat to fix the design and prevent chipping. As an additional tip, re-apply the top coat every few days to keep that manicure even longer.

Credit: Styleglow

Final Thoughts

Really easy, but pretty Halloween nail pattern!

Overall Score 4.6
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2 Comments on Halloween Spiderweb Nails

  1. Suzanne_Sky

    I really like this idea, and it seems really easy to do. I usually do my nails like candy corn around Halloween, but this year, I will add these spider webs too. Thanks for the idea!

    • midnight_kiss

      Ah I could never find anything simple to do with my nails, but yeah I tried this out, and it was really as simple as it looks (Depending on how steady your hand is I guess!)

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