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Haunted happenings on Divachix!

As I am sure you were aware, recently the staff held the Haunted Happenings events where lots of smaller competitions were held, below were some of the winning entries!

Pinteresting Halloween Happenings!
Most Pins: hippie_chick
Best Pins that reflect the theme: firstlady113

Guild War XXV: Creepy Characters
First place: pandaimeec from Amazing Beauties
Second place: angieluvboo from Immortal Elegance
Third place: Vergina from Bela and Mode

Design Team Costume Contest!
Winners for SPOOKY OR SCARY: sexycoolandgorgeous, intrigued & kristina-walker
Winners for CUTE OR FUNNY: amethyst_eyes, deniz & cinnamin

Monster Mash DressUp!
First place: nixiefae
Second place: kristina-walker
Third place: ladyinpink

Design a Halloween Pulse Cover
First place: lacetasy
Second place: intrigued
Third place: hippie_chick

Winners Costume Bundle Parade
First Place: amethyst_eyes
Second Place: lacetasy
Third Place: whats_her_name

Witch Witch
Good witch: hotpink1916, whats_her_name, redscarlett & lacetasy
Bad witch: hopezapata, kristina-walker & cinnamin

Alien Queen
First place: lacetasy
Second place: cinnamin & kristina-walker
Third place: amethyst_eyes

Hopefully everyone had fun and will keep their eyes peeled for the next site-wide event!!

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