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Heart Healthy Turkey Burgers

The weather is getting warmer and more people are doing things outside, including cooking on the grill. Hamburgers are one of the most cooked foods, but red meat isn’t always the healthiest choice.

Some people, have tried turkey burgers and had it cooked wrong which made it extremely dry. Others have never tried it just because it sounds weird. So, here I am with a recipe for a moist, well seasoned, low fat burgers made from turkey.


1 lb of ground turkey
3 to 4 drops of Worcestershire sauce
1/2 cup or less of Lawry’s seasoned salt. This depends on the amount of salt you like.
1/4 cup garlic salt
1/4 cup parsley
1/2 cup chopped onions
1/2 shredded cheese


1. Defrost (if frozen) the ground turkey. Open the package and put it in a strainer over a sink to drain blood. It makes it easier to compact into burgers and the Worcestershire sauce helps add moisture later on.
2. While you are letting the meat drain, start the grill. If possible have one side cooler then the other. We will be putting the burgers on the cooler side.
3. Now, back to the meat. Combine all the ingredients into one bowl and mix them together. Once well mixed, take pieces of meat and form them into individual patties.
4. This is where the fun begins! Stick the burger patties on the cool side of the grill and let sit until you see your bottom side of the patty has browned. My grill takes about 7 minutes to do this, but not all grills are the same. Once it has browned, carefully flip the burger. Let it cook for another 7 minutes. Check to make sure the internal temperature is 165 degrees before removing from the grill.
5. Last step is it build your perfect burger with your own toppings and enjoy a delicious meal!

Final Thoughts

This is an easy one to mess up, because turkey tends to dry quicker then beef. Yet, at the same time if you try to flip it to soon it will crumble and let it sit for to long it will stick. It will take some practice like any good burger! Also, it is good to remember both the Worcestershire sauce and Lawry's season salt have salt, of course, and depending on how much you add to one is how much you should add or subtract of the other.

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