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Hearts of Spring

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Hearts of Spring is a romantic movie about a mom blogger named Carly Ashby (Lisa Whelchel) who writes about being a mom and she gives out advice and tips. She is referred to as a “Bestie Mom” and is also a florist. She has a teenage daughter and believes in talking and listening to your children.

Dr. Andy Sommers is a pediatrician doctor and a widow. He believes that children should just follow the rules. He is a “Juggling Dad” and has a teenage son.

The odd thing is that both Carly and Andy have different points of view when it comes to parenting their children however ever since Juggling Dad posted a sassy or witty comment on Bestie Mom’s blog, the blog has caught attention of the fans and readers on the Bestie Mom’s blog. They had an undeniable chemistry that they themselves didn’t realize that they had.

That chemistry not only worked online, but also offline. They had chemistry in real life too, ever since they met again without them realizing it until they took a chance at dating and they enjoyed it.

Will the truth come out about who they really are? Will there be forgiveness?

Will their love be enough? Will there be a happy ending?

I guess you will just have to watch the movie to find out!

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