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Our recognized member this month is hippie_chick, otherwise known as Jocelyn! She has been a member since 1-10-09 and has managed to rank up to number 8 and as of this writing, she has earned a total of 14,214,670 guild points.

Hippie_chick has won numerous awards on the main site with GOC, battle ladder and voting ladders, plus numerous forum awards. She came in third in the Guild War and in Survivor she came in 4th. She is also awesome with graphics. In addition, she won numerous awards for Doll of the Day.

She is also notably a cat lover.

She has a wonderful shop called Witchy Woman Wardrobe and has won several awards for Hottest Shop of the Week so make sure you visit her shop!

Hippie_chick runs many contests on the forum, so if you see them around, check them out and have some fun.

Thank you for being part of Diva Chix, Jocelyn!

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