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Holidays on Divachix!

Once again, it is that wonderful time of the year, where everything is red, green and covered in snow. Here on Diva Chix, we like to host a whole load of events to get you into the holiday spirit! There have been many events happening this month already, with many, many more organised for later in the month, have you had a chance to participate in any of them yet?

The completed competitions included:
Claim your fame in PULSE (Where members had a chance to come join us ladies here and write for PULSE! The entries for which can be found here in this issue! Go check them out!)
White Christmas Dress Up
Dreidel Decorating Contest
Guild War XXIII: Christmas Around the World

Although that seems like a lot, that is barely one week of competitions out of four that are being held on the site this month! So what are you waiting for? Go and check out the rest of the events!

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