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Homemade Christmas Baubles

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This is a super simple way to make your own stylish and modern looking baubles! The best bit is you only need 2 things but could spend ages with family, friends or any loved ones making them!

What you need:
Clear baubles (Such as these on Amazon)
Filling of your choice – think shop-bought or handmade confetti, sequins, glitter, stars, or colourful sweets (even hole punched coloured paper would work nicely!)

Open the bauble and lay one half on the table, moving the other to the side briefly.
Fill one half of your bauble with the confetti glitter and sequins, as much or as little as you think looks good, then close the bauble.
Give the new bauble a shake to move it over to both sides.
That’s it, you’re done! Hang it on your tree!

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