Hottest CYO

Hottest CYO!

The hottest Create Your Own items done this month were these new, beautifully artistic poses made by these three talented designers, members of the Diva Chix community.

You may already know their names but in case you don’t, the usernames they go by are, Teolaessa, Chromatherphy, and Reesie. Many of you probably already have some of their creations in your wardrobes or in your Wishlist as a reminder to purchase them as soon as you get enough moolah and coins, or until a friend gifts them to you. But if you don’t, they might have been seen by you during voting events, by divas wearing some of the many beautiful ensembles, already available for them through out many shops.

If you want more items for these poses, don’t forget to search for them once you pass by the shop wizard. Let’s show our support to these designers and shop owners.

Diva #1 by Teolaessa

Body: Neverland
Necklaces: Neverland
Bracelet: Neverland
Accessories(Staff): Neverland
Face: Neverland
Headwear: Neverland
Hair: Neverland
Dress: Neverland

Diva #2

Dress: Heavenly Boutique by tatymemaw
Face: Pureheart by Chromatherphy
Hair: Hypnose by cherie
Headwear: Ragdoll Boutique by mannequin
Shoes: Heavenly Boutique by tatymemaw
Body: Pureheart by Chromatherphy
Back: Heavenly Boutique by tatymemaw

Diva #3 by reesie
Skirt: Mystique Boutique™
Top: Mystique Boutique™
Handbag: Mystique Boutique™
Shoes: Mystique Boutique™
Body: Mystique Boutique™

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