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Hottest Music – February

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1.“Shape of You”Ed Sheeran
This song talks about a short relationship but is sugarcoated by Ed’s amazing lyrics. It’s a song that makes your brain work faster in order to understand what he really means with it. It has been on top of the charts around the world.

2.“Scars to Your Beautiful”Alessia Cara
A song that speaks about we learn to love ourselves, and to accept that our flaws are what makes us special, in order to live a happier life. Great lyrics, great song.

3.“24k Magic”Bruno Mars
Even though this song and his new album received a massive amount of negative reviews, it’s still on the top from every chart around the world. It might not be what we expect to hear from Bruno Mars, but it’s a great song with 80’s influence.

4.“Mercy”Shawn Mendes
With this song, Shawn shows all of us that he can write emotional lyrics and captivate the public with beautiful harmonies. This time, besides emotional, his vocals are almost aggressive in a positive way. I must say, the lyrics to this song are powerful on a whole other level.

5.“Say You Won’t Let Go”James Arthur
This song talks about a love story that almost ended because of the fear of showing the real feelings. With his adorable voice, James captivates once more, anyone that hears this beautiful song.

Here’s a full breakdown of my scoring:
1 – Music – 75/100
– Lyrics – 80/100

2 – Music – 70/100
– Lyrics – 85/100

3 – Music – 65/100
– Lyrics – 65/100

4 – Music – 85/100
– Lyrics – 75/100

5 – Music – 65/100
– Lyrics – 60/100

Shape of You
Scars to Your Beautiful
24k Magic
Say You Won't Let Go
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