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How long do we keep waiting?

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Carlie: We’re not trying to “call you out” but you do realize that what you did was wrong, right? I mean if you had a problem, you should have come to us directly.
Gwen: No hiding around the truth but being assertive with what your thoughts were. You know we value what all of our members think. That includes you.
Carlie: Yeah, exactly.
Sylvie: Wow, I was expecting more anger than this.
Carlie: I’m hurt and I’m not going to try and hide it but it looks like you’re not taking this seriously..
Sylvie: Of course I am.
Gwen: Really…
Sashka: :/
Carlie: No, you’re not.
Sylvie: Yes, I am. Are you trying to speak for me too now?
Carlie: No. I’m still so confused and trying to figure everything out here but you’re not helping.
Sylvie: Oh. Well. Sorry.
Sashka: Anything else you would like to be saying right now…
Sylvie: Hm.
Angie: Okay. I don’t know why you’re dragging this out. I’m waiting for your side of things. We can see that you’re just trying to provoke us and get us angry but that’s not going to work. Spill. What has been on your mind these past years?

Someone seems to be at a loss for words! Weird considering all she had to say these past few months… Will she finally crack?

*Please be aware that this story is completely fictional.*

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