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How To Be Single

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How To Be Single is a movie about what being a single girl or guy in New York City is like, including lots of adventure, blind dates, one night stands and parties.

Their tagline is “If you’re not having fun being single then you’re not doing it right.”

The movie starts when Alice moves to New York City after a quick break from her boyfriend Josh (Nicholas Braun) and moves in with her sister Meg (Leslie Mann). She starts working at a law firm as a paralegal where she meets her new colleague Robin (Rebel Wilson).

Robin is a wild and carefree single lady. She has one night stands, parties all night long and is the one that coaches Alice on how to be a single in New York.

Alice moved in with her sister because she wants to find herself, but instead, she is learning about the single life in New York. She is having one night stands with the charming and hot bartender Tom (Anders Holm) until she sees that Tom is not boyfriend material. She decides to try and go back to her ex-boyfriend Josh only to find out that he moved on with someone else and that he is happy. Heartbroken, Alice tries to move on. She attends a alumni event where she meets David (Damon Wayans Jr.).

David is a single father to a little girl named Phoebe. His wife passed away a few years ago. He never took a chance to love anyone else until he met Alice. He tries to enter a relationship with Alice, but it didn’t work out because he wasn’t ready for a relationship yet. Yet, soon Alice finds out that being single is not such a bad thing at all.

Meg is a single doctor who refuses to get hurt or be called single. She prides herself in doing her job and keeps herself occupied instead of feeling bad about being single. Little did she know that with the visit of her sister, she would change her mind about the life that she has been living.

Tom owns a bar. He is a single and quite a flirt. He does only one night stands. He doesn’t want anything serious with anyone. He also teaches Alice a little thing or two about being a single man in New York and shows her the tricks that he uses on women. He knows basically everything about women, or so he thinks. When he meets Lucy (Alison Brie), things seem to be change with his mindset.

Lucy has always wanted to meet her perfect one. She already has planned her wedding without having a groom yet. She is the intense one out of the other single ladies in this movie. She goes on various blind dates thanks to special websites that she is on. Little did Lucy know that she would find her true one in the least expected way.

The movie ends up showing that being single is not so bad. It teaches some to move on and grow up and that being single is not a bad thing. It also shows you must enjoy every minute of it because you never know when you will meet the right one, no longer single anymore!

Final Thoughts

This movie is original, funny, sad and it definitely makes you fall head over heels for the romantic love scenes. I loved watching every minute of it and I would definitely recommend you to watch it, whether you’re single or not.

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