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How to Do Winged Eyeliner In Minutes

What you need:
You can either use liquid or pencil eyeliner. Use Q-tips if you make mistakes.

What to do:
1. Start at the end of the top lash line and make a thin diagonal line, about a 45 degree angle. The line should be heading to your eyebrow. You can make the line short or long. The length of the line depends if you want a longer or shorter wing. Do not extend the line all the way to the eyebrow.

2. Repeat step one on the other eye. You want to do both eyes at the same time so you can make both eyes look symmetrical.

3. Draw a line in the inner corner of your eye and extend it all the way over to the line you just drew.

4. Draw another diagonal line over the line you just created and connect it to the first 45 degree angle you made in the first step.

5. Fill in the gaps with eyeliner!

Tip:If you make any mistakes, you can use a Q-tip to easily make small changes to your wing.

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