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How to Paint Acorns – Fall Decorations

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Collect acorns outside or in the woods. You will need an accessible Oak tree for this. Try collecting them with the tops intact. Once you have a few handful, you are ready to start.

Place acorns on a cookie sheet, foil lined, and bake at 170 degree for at least two hours. This is to kill any bugs that might be in them. If they loose their hats you can glue them on later.

Use acrylic paint in different shades of green, blue, orange, and gold. You just need one coat for an opaque look. You can also add glitter. Set them down to dry.

That is all there is to make a cute Fall decoration!

Rating: Easy
Time Frame: Up to 4 hours to complete from beginning to end
Final thoughts: This is a very easy craft if you can find the acorns. Plus it looks festive for the fall and looks great as a decoration piece.

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