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How To Remove Dark Circles Naturally

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When it comes to dark circles, women are really trying to cover it up. Because who would like a dark spot under their eyes? Well, there are some tips for you to do at home so you can do your own beauty therapy for this problem. Let’s find out what we need.

1. Tomato Juices: You can just put a bit of the juice on the affected area
2. Almond Oil: Apply a little of this oil on your dark circle
3. Cucumber: Cut the cucumber in thick slices and put it for a while on your eyes
4. Cold Milk: Dab a little of it and place the cotton ball on your eyes
5. Mint Leaves: Mix it with small amount of water and make it into a paste then apply to your eyes

These are little tricks that will help you out to get rid off the dark circles. But, please remember to do it gently!

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I tried the cucumber one and it really refreshing!

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