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I Have a Severe Allergic Reaction to… Simon Cowell!?

Reading the news on a daily basis can sometimes make you feel blue about the various different crimes being committed and the usual events that take place. What better way to lighten our spirits with a news article about an allergy to Simon Cowell!

42-year-old Michelle Hall from Sunderland raised a few giggles this week when she announced to the world that she was allergic to Simon Cowell. Simon Cowell is a man with many talents. He owns a music company, Syco, and he is also a talent judge in The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent as well as American Idol. He works with many famous people in the world and in 2014 he and his girlfriend had a baby together.

When speaking to The Mirror, Michelle said her phobia of him was so bad that it is ruining her life and she has been prescribed anti-depressants for it. She reportedly throws up and gets cold sweats and even heart palpitations when she can hear or see him on television/in papers. Michelle works in a shop where she has to see the papers on a daily basis, which isn’t good for her if Cowell is on the front page!

Now to our Pulse readers. We have all seen incredibly long and crazy names for various different phobias. What would you call this one? Comment below!

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