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Immortal Elegance!

Immortal Elegance is the oldest guild on Diva Chix; founded November 23, 2008. Our guild runs a bit differently from a lot of other guilds. In IE, we believe in allowing everyone to play to their strengths. If you’re a battler, then battle. If you’re a voter, then vote. We do not require our members to do everything in guild life … only the things that they enjoy. This makes for a very happy guild with very happy members! We all play together as a team but in different positions.
I would be remiss to mention IE without mentioning our star member, Nicollette. She joined IE during our very first week and has been an amazing and faithful member since. She still wears the crown as High Scorer amongst ALL guild members on Diva Chix. We’re so proud to call her our own.

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