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Influencer by Brittany Hennessy

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I admit, I read this book because I have built my own Instagram through blogging and community. So I think I need some insight to growth my Instagram. And why this book in particular?
Because some influencer recommended it on their Instagram and I think it’s quite interesting book so I bought it at my local bookstore.

The book consist of few chapters, so if you think about growing up your Instagram followers,
or maybe just to make your Instagram look better and can get money from it, why not? They will teach you even if you’re starting from scratch for beginners.

It teaches about your niche and what you can add to the game of this competitive world of influencers.
Like how to find your main theme for the blog, and Instagram for sure, also Youtube or any other
channel you can think of.

There are also handful of tips from the influencer itself, whom has hundreds of thousands of followers and an online business thanks to their social media. We can also get tips where the agency or brand
will tell you about some of their insight about their experience working with some big influencer.

If you love Instagram and blogging, I think this book can help you up to change your game and start to
earn money or free products to review.

Final Thoughts

Must read for those of you who wants to be some kind of blogger online!

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