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Carlie: I think it’s absolutely worth a shot. If it’s just a misunderstanding, let’s get it all cleared out right now. She’s our friend and I’m sure she doesn’t hate us or anything.
Angie: I wouldn’t be so sure about that actually.
Gwen: But really, we’ve worked with her for years now. That “hatred” or “resentment” or whatever it was is probably long gone by now.
Gwen: But then again.. if that was the case, I guess we wouldn’t be in this whole dilemma right now.
Angie: My thoughts exactly.
Sashka: I have to admit, I’m pretty nervous..
Carlie: Are we going back to our first Skype group to do this? Or are you doing it on your own, Angie?
Angie: I don’t know. I don’t want it to feel like we’re ganging up on her but I don’t know if there’s anything more I have to say to her that I haven’t already.
Gwen: Let’s do this together then.
Carlie: Here we go…

Skype > DC Admin Group

Carlie: Hello.
Sylvie: So. We’re doing this then?
Gwen: Start talking, Sylvie.

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*Please be aware that this story is completely fictional.*

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